Feeling stuck? Unable to move forward? Is life passing you by? Do you sometimes just feel like you're not going anywhere?


I can help you move forward; to move your life, your relationship, your goals forward and make waking up something to look forward to!


Change is possible! Everyone has within them the ability to move forward, and with my help, you can too!

Sometimes, we all just need a hand...

Making the decision to seek therapy is not an easy task. It takes courage to admit, even to yourself, that you may need help in your everyday life. After all, that’s what therapy is: it’s help with something or some area of your life that you’re struggling with on your own.

I provide psychotherapy to adults, transition aged youth, and children in a comfortable and friendly environment. I offer a free 20 minute initial interview (by phone or in my office) to answer any questions that you may have and to see if we are an appropriate fit.

My “style” of therapy is one of being very genuine. I offer psychotherapy in a warm and friendly environment and often mix in humor with the work that I do. People’s needs are as varied and unique as are the different ways therapy can be approached. I tailor my approach to fit your specific requirements. However, there are certain basic beliefs that I hold. I believe that people come to me with something that they’ve been struggling with and they can’t see the solution because they’re in the middle of it. They get “stuck” in a story that defines them or something about them and they need help moving beyond that. I am very practical in the work that I do – I believe that therapy should address the issue(s) that has you “stuck” and you need to learn how to move forward; we all need to live and function in this world and we want to be happy! I help you move forward through a combination of education, cognitive behavioral interventions, active listening mixed with relaxation and respect for your personal goals.

People who seek therapy 20%

People who benefit from therapy 85%







 I am a native Californian, born and raised in the L. A. area, but my family moved to San Diego about 20 years ago. I went to undergraduate university on the east coast and received my Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. Shortly after graduating, I volunteered for the Peace Corps and was sent overseas, to southern Africa, to become a high school teacher. When my Peace Corps term ended after two years, I moved to nearby South Africa where I lived for the next 13 years!

I returned to the USA, to San Diego in 2003 and started my graduate school at San Diego State University in 2005 and graduated with my Master’s in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy in 2008.


Kiefer Rich, LMFT



When specific issues or mental health conditions begin to cause distress and interfere with a person's normal activities and relationships, it may be time to seek therapy. Distress can be seen in the form of problematic behaviors (at work or home, with friends/family/partners), beliefs, feelings, and even in your body. Individual therapy provides a safe and confidential environment in which to work on these issues.


When people come together to form intimate relationships, it can be an amazing thing. But often times, relationships experience periods of strife that may not be resolved on their own. It's at this point that couples want to seek the help of a therapist. Couple therapy can help rebuild relationships, help transition from ending relationships, and if sought beforehand, can assist couples before getting married (this is called pre-marital therapy)


Today fully half of all families do not meet the definition of nuclear family. We have step families; single-parent families; families headed by two unmarried partners, either of the opposite sex or the same sex; households that include one or more family members from a generation; adoptive families; foster families; and families where children are raised by their grandparents or other relatives. Each has its advantages and challenges.

Target Population

I work with people in all age groups. I offer services that are sensitive to the LGTBQ community and to families that have youth or adults involved in or previously involved in the Justice system. I have special rates for students, typically college, that need help dealing with academic life.

Focus Areas

I work with people who are dealing with issues of Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Change of Life, Pre-marital counseling, Grief and Loss, Self Esteem issues, and Relationship troubles.


I use a combination of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, and Hypnosis. I also use play and art therapy as well as evidence based curricula.

Anger Management

Some issues, such as Anger Management, can be addressed and resolved in a group setting where sharing your experiences and feelings with other people help the therapeutic process. An added benefit of group therapy is a reduced cost per session. Keep in mind however, that you must be comfortable sharing with other people. Please check below for a listing of currently available groups.


My rates for therapy vary depending on what type of session you need. My standard rate is $150 per session. There are special rates for group therapy and pre-marital counseling packages are available. Students can benefit from my services at a discounted rate of $60 for a 50 minute session. I also can accomodate some people on a sliding scale (read Point #1 to the right). I accept cash, debit/credit cards and paypal online only. I offer a FREE, no obligation, phone or in-person consultation to see how I can help you. Is therapy right for you? What are the options? Can I help? Call for FREE and ask your questions! Payment is due at the time of each meeting.


I currently accept AETNA, Aetna Better Health, MHN, Ceridian EAP, MediCal and am also TERM approved by CWS. Please check with your provider for your coverage and benefits.


Do you ever feel like you just don’t know what to do next? Not sure where to turn or who to ask for help?

That’s where a therapist can play a vital role in helping you move forward and move past whatever it is that’s keeping you from moving forward.

I can help you!

Book an appointment now!

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I can help YOU!

Whether you’re already part of the community or questioning where you fit in, your sexual identity plays a vital role in your overall mental health. I specialize in working with individuals and couples who identify as LGBTI and Q(uestioning).

GLTBQI Community

Do you feel as if life is passing you buy? That the joy and excitement you once experienced is simply gone? Have you stopped doing things that you once enjoyed or stopped trying new things because you just don’t see the point or can’t get past the fear and anxiety of something new?

Two of the most common mental health issues that face Americans today, Anxiety and Depression, and yet the majority of people do not seek out the help that is so readily available.
I can help you with these issues. I can help you overcome or manage these debilitating conditions and get you back on a path to living life to its fullest.

Depression & Anxiety

Negotiating your life with another person, or people, always presents with challenges and excitement! I work with couples on a number of presenting issues :
– Pre-marital counseling
– Infidelity
– Divorce
– Reconciliation
– Communication issues
– Re-kindling love and excitement


Life is full of change! Usually exciting and fun, but at times, life’s transitions can pose questions and present problems that you’re not prepared for. Whether it’s a transition in age, employment, health or relationship, working with me can help you make the transition smoother and less disruptive.


Kiefer Rich, West Coast MFT Inc

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